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Instant Transactions using Voice Verifications


Turant.ai Voice Verify AI solution has been developed to work on diverse languages and dialects such as those of India, with close to 20,000. Our solutions are not based on training on some specific languages like English. Our solution with high degree of accuracy is well positioned to support any sort of identity verification using voice.


Our solution has been tested in our regular and familiar environments such as busy mall, markets, TV playing in the background, horns blaring etc. In addition, our solution works well in the oversubscribed telecom networks which degrade voice. Our solution focusses on the speaker’s voice and isolate it from the distractions.


Developed with a large non-English voice sample corpus. Our solution is developed with using the dialects and languages of the common man in cities, towns, and villages. It has been thoroughly tested in those environments with very high level of accuracy. So high that our customers have started trusting it for various critical secure situations.

Turant's Demo

Below is a sample of the very simple Registration and Verification experience. Registration is performed once for an end-user and Verification can be performed again and again
Our simple and registration, using your smartphone, desktop or using regular phone
Use multiple times, the verification on any device

Voice Login & OTP

A prime usage of the solution is as an alternate to Login with Voice Login and for Voice based OTP. Your customer will be prompted to speak out a simple phrase which will be different every time and that allows us to assertively identify that person. Using the solution as an alternate to fraud prone SMS OTP is one superb solution loved by our customers.
login otp

Turant Voice Ai To Improve Your Life

Truant Voiceverify Sample Cases


Call Center Industry

Turant eliminates the mundane and potential for abuse aspect of verification of customer by

Financial And Banking Sector

Financial And Banking Sector

Turant’s VoiceVerify provides a quick and automated solution to many required tasks in this sector

online education

Online Education Sector

One of the big requirements with online education industry is to keep costs low and ensure that course

why choose us

Why Choose Us

Solution hosted in country

The solution is hosted in the country we operate. No data leaves the country boundaries

Supporting local languages and unique solutions

Most other vendors force-fit American English language trained solution on you. After extensive research we updated the algorithms to support the local environment, background noise, speech variants, condition of the over-subscribed phone network etc

Pricing to support you

We support the local price expectations to make it a win-win solution

Best Features

Instant verification at a fraction of your current costs

Highly fraud resistant and secure

Use the solution for immediate call to action after the secure and highly accurate verification


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