History behind Turant

I realized many in our family (middle-class sector) wanted to trade on the Commodity Exchange on agricultural futures but could only do so with help of a broker.  The same can be said about stock brokerage.  This sector which is huge was cut off from the automated systems due to limited English and technology familiarity, etc. I knew I wanted to help enable this underserved market to access the digital economy via a voice-based solution that anyone could use, even completely automated, and hence Turant was born. 

Since that inception we’ve built a product that authenticates identity with an astounding accuracy that works nearly everywhere. The product works:

  1. Without a language dependency 
  2. Without requiring a smartphone
  3. Independent of internet availability 
  4. Completely automated function with no human involvement

Our voice biometric solution can enable users to go password-less with your voice which can be used in the following use cases:

  1. Performing financial transactions via voice verification
  2. Identifying customers for use in call centers 
  3. Accessing secure data centers 
  4. And many more 

We’re proud to say that our product has been garnering immense interest, such as at the recent Global Fintech Fest 2022.

Anurag Goel – Founder – Turant Inc.