Seeds Fincap Pvt. Ltd., a company that provides progressive and superior financial solutions to serve the evolving financial needs of individuals and MSMEs in the ever-changing financial services marketplace, has partnered with Turant Solutions, a pioneer in developing voice-biometric solutions to develop applications to utilize their team better.  The company has about 500 sales professionals and over 21,000 customers in various parts of India. Through this collaboration, the goal is to enable adequate deployment of the field team and provide them voice-biometric solutions for a more efficient workplace.

About Seeds Fincap Pvt Ltd.

Seeds Fincap Private Limited, a Non-Banking Financial Company- Non-Deposit Company (“NBFC-ND) that started its operations in April 2021, provides loans to MSME customers with robust credit appraisal tools and latest technology support.

Aiming to provide able financial support to the MSME entrepreneurs, the company has more than 21000 customers and has disbursed Rs 200 Crores till now. Subhash Acharya and Avishek Sarkar, seasoned professionals with more than 15 years of experience of working across NBFCs and rating agency, founded SEEDS that has a total invested capital base of ~INR 400M Currently, Seeds Fincap Pvt Ltd is catering 51 branches in 5 states of India – Haryana, Rajasthan, UP, Bihar, and Uttarakhand.

About Turant Inc

Turant Inc is a pioneer in voice-biometric solutions that aim to make the digital world safer for people and corporations. It leverages AI solutions to create an understanding of diverse languages, accents, and dialects (e.g., about 19,500 in India). The products have been tested with over tens of thousands of voice samples across languages and dialects under different situations and background noises, delivering a very high level of accuracy. Moreover, its unique anti-spoofing technology verifies and authenticates the user in real-time and tests for liveness or mimicry. The solution is highly accurate and well-suited to assist any voice-based identity verification, from financial transactions to defence applications to daily uses that can prevent SMS OTP frauds, preserve digital identity, implement voice signatures, etc.

To advance the company to the next level of growth, Truant recently commenced the #Wefunder #Crowdfunding campaign, wherein anyone can be a part of their evolution by investing any amount, starting from US $100. As of now, 30+ investors have reserved $100k out of the $100k early bird terms, which is a sign of the positive and encouraging reaction.

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