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Call Center Industry

Turant-Voice Verify eliminates the mundane and potential for abuse aspect of verification of customer by a call center. Our solution avoids the customer to share any private data as date of birth, secret question etc. Our solution will eliminate this with voice-based verification. This cuts down on the conversation time, saves money, allows re-allocation of call center resources to revenue generating tasks and enhances customer experience.

TURANT VOICE VERIFY AI developed for non-English speakers and accommodates local dialects and languages

Tested and proven in environments such as: Busy malls, markets, farms, TV playing in the background, in traffic with horns blaring etc.

Developed with a large non-English voice sample corpus

Financial And Banking Sector

Turant-Voice Verify provides a quick and automated solution to many required tasks in this sector including the Welcome call, Collection call, Target acquisition call. etc.

Financial And Banking Sector
online education

Online Education Sector

One of the big requirements with online education industry is to keep costs low and ensure that course is only used by the audience who purchased it. The current credentials of login and password opens up for fraudulent distribution the very few unethical users. Turant-Voice Verify solution will only allow the person whose voice is authenticated to be able use the course. Sharing of the login and password by itself will not allow the course to play.

Turant VoiceVerify™ Sample Cases

Touchless Secured Access

Turant-Voice Verify solution uses voice samples of the customer to allow a 100% secure touch-less secured access. Turant’s patent filed solution will triangulate the location and assertively identify you to allow a secured access.

Ecommerce & Online Ordering Platforms

Turant-Voice Verify has developed a unique solution to use voice verification during online ordering and allow secured ordering with Turant-Voice Verify which reduces revenue losses due to unintended returns and eliminates fraudulent COD deliveries