Turant Voice Verified 2FA - The Disruptive Passwordless Login


TURANT VOICE VERIFY AI developed for non-English speakers and accommodates local dialects and languages


Tested and proven in environments such as: Busy malls, markets, farms, TV playing in the background, in traffic with horns blaring etc.


Developed with a large non-English voice sample corpus and languages of the common man in cities, towns, and villages.

Turant Voice Verified 2FA Features

Integrate With API

Our API can be easily integrated into your web or mobile app.

Device Independent

Works on Feature Phone, Landline, Smartphone, Walkie Talkie, laptop, Desktop

Touchless Access

Physical Entry to restricted premises, Data Centers, remote access

Language Independent

Works with any language, any dialect, any voice . Can be used for visually impaired too.

Telecom Network Independent

Can be used anywhere, independent of telecom network congestion

Liveness Tested

False positives for mimcry, recorded voice, anti spoof


mobile app

Turant Voice Verified 2FA Use Cases

Digital Payments

Accept payments digital irrespective of any device including 500mn feature phone users in India.. Increase reach and revenue

Replace SMS OTP

Tested and proven in environments such as: Busy malls, markets, farms, TV playing in the background, in traffic with horns blaring etc.

Enhance Subscriber Revenue

Login sharing is a common practice affecting in revenue loss for subscription business. Voice Login could enhance subscriber base and revenue


A large percentage of ecommerce transactions in India are COD ( Cash On Delivery ) . Our solution can solve the problem of false product delivered or money collected by wrong guy.

How Turant Voice Verified 2FA Works

Voice Registration initiated

The user receives a call through IVR or customer care triggered call or registers his/her voice sample through web/mobile application

Voice Sample Collection

The user is prompted to speak 10 digit random number. User prompted to repeat the same again. Language is no bar

Voice Sample registered

Turant Registers the voice sample against the userid

Login Again

User enters the username or phone number whichever is the username and is Prompted to speak 10 digit numbers

Voice Verification

Turant verifies the voice against the stored registration samples using its cutting edge AI algorithms

Success / Failure

With 99.9+% accuracy the user is let in to the next level or is dropped depending on the results

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Voice Biometrics is a type of user identity verification that uses voice as input instead of passcodes or fingerprints. Voice Biometrics is faster and more advanced than other methods of user identification
We have our API’s Available and our support team can help you with implementation and getting things setup within a matter of time
Voice biometrics breaks spoken words to segments which further has several tones captured in digital format. The tones are unique to individuals and can differentiate originals and mimicry.
Our Voice Verified 2FA is much cost effective compared to SMS OTP.
Artificial duplicates, deepfakes, created by technical means such as voice conversion, speech synthesis, are easy to identify.
There is no upfront capex needed to setup Turant Voice Verified 2FA. You just have to pay per API call.